Our Rules

When you are visiting Chamstore:

Use of the Unit:

Storer will use the Unit solely for the purpose of storage and shall not (or allow any other person to):

  • use the Unit as offices or living accommodation or as a home, business or mailing address
  • use or do anything at the Facility or in the Unit which may be a nuisance to ChamStore or any other person (including the escape of any substance or odour from or generation of noise or vibration which may be heard or felt outside the Unit)
  • use or do anything at the Facility or in the Unit which may invalidate or increase premiums under any insurance policies of ChamStore or any other person
  • paint or make alterations to or attach anything to the internal or external surfaces of the Unit
  • connect or provide any utilities or services to the Unit unless authorised by ChamStore
  • cause damage to the Unit or any part of the Facility (which includes by removal, haulage or delivery contractors) or create any obstruction or leave items or refuse in any common space within the Facility 

What you are NOT allowed to store:

  • cash money, securities, stocks or shares
  • any item which emits any fumes, smell or odour
  • birds, fish, animals or any other living creatures
  • refuse and other waste materials (including animal and toxic/hazardous waste materials)
  • food and other perishable goods (subject to decay) unless securely packed so that they are protected and do not attract vermin or cause any other form of nuisance
  • jewels, fur, art objects, collection pieces or irreplaceable objects, objects with an emotional or special value
  • firearms, explosives, weapons or ammunition
  • any illegal substances such as drugs, illegal items or goods illegally obtained such as smuggled or stolen goods, etc.
  • chemicals, radioactive materials, biological agents
  • asbestos and/or processed asbestos
  • (artificial) fertilizer
  • gas bottles or any other compressed gases and/or batteries
  • fireworks
  • car and/or motorcycle wrecks ; the storage of (vintage) cars and/or motorcycles that are not wrecks is allowed with the understanding that under the car and/or motorcycle a ChamStore-approved protective tray or mat is provided to prevent leaking oil impacting on the environment and the presence of fuel in any fuel tanks must be kept to a minimum ; the cars furthermore need a separate fully adequate insurance cover to be maintained by the Customer at all times, since cars and motorcycles are not covered under the customer goods insurance
  • combustible or flammable materials or liquids including diesel and petrol (with the exception of the minimum allowed as mentioned above for cars and motorcycles)
  • any other toxic, flammable or hazardous substances or preparations that are classified as such under any applicable law or local regulations
  • explosive substances and preparations such as spray cans including air-fresheners, hair lacquer, car paint, varnish and car windscreen defroster; sprays and (liquid) gases such as LPG, hydrogen, acetylene, propane gas and butane
  • oxidising substances and preparations such as hydrogen and other peroxides, chlorates, strong saltpetre and perichloric acids
  • (highly) flammable substances and preparations such as petroleum, benzene, burning alcohol or methyl alcohol, turpentine, white spirit, acetone, paint, windscreen defroster, air-freshener, close-contact adhesive and neoprene adhesive;
  • (highly) toxic substances and preparations such as methyl alcohol, stain removers, pesticides
  • harmful substances and preparations such as cleaning products, paint thinners, wood preservation products, paint removers
  • caustic substances and preparations such as unblocking agents for pipes, decalcifying products, caustic soda, strong acids, caustic products such as oven and toilet cleaners
  • irritants and preparations
  • sensitizing substances and preparations
  • carcinogenic substances and preparations
  • mutagenic substances and preparations
  • substances and preparations toxic to reproduction
  • substances and preparations that are dangerous to the environment such as CFCs, PCBs and PCTs; pesticides and heavy metals such as mercury in thermometers, cadmium and zinc from batteries, lead and copper;
    pesticides and herbicides

If it has any of these symbols it is NOT allowed in any Unit:

Our full term and conditions can be seen here