Self Storage in the Chamonix valley, France

  • Open 24/7
  • Quick easy access
  • Onsite Security
  • Dry, bright, clean
  • Book online

Why Use ChamStore?

Generate income!

Store your personal belongings and generate rental income from your room, apartment or chalet when you are away.

Discover your spare room!

Create space and have friends to stay over!

Regular visitor?

Do you pay a fortune in airline baggage charges for you skis, bikes, wing or climbing gear? One of our small units might be the answer!

Moving to the valley?

Renting before you buy? Chances are the place will already be furnished so why not keep your gear with us until you find your dream place?

Reclaim your garage!

Look after your car and avoid it’s inevitable deterioration over the winter

Office archive

Are you fed up tripping over all those boxes of old documents that your accountant insists you need to keep?

About our units


We have a state-of-the-art facility with 24/7 access and take security seriously. You have your own entry PIN code, security cameras monitor the building, flood lights illuminate it at night and we have a concierge / caretaker who lives on site.


Something for everyone

Our smallest units are 1m² and our largest units are 20m². There is an image of each individual unit so that you can see exactly what you will get. If you can’t see the size of unit you are looking for email us, I’m sure we can find you a solution! browse Wondering what you are allowed to use the Units for? Check out our Rules

Dimensions and locations

On the ground floor we have small units 1 – 3m² and large 10 – 20m² units with direct exterior access. Our medium size units, 2- 12m² are on the first floor of the building and are accessed via a wide external staircase.