Unit locations and access

Micro + Small

Our smallest storage units, 1m² – 3m², are on the ground floor and arranged on two levels. Doors on these units are as tall as possible (low 1.2m, high 1.6m) and 0.95m wide. The corridor is 1.3m wide.


On the first floor of the building we have high volume 2m² – 12m² units these are accessed via a wide external staircase and they all have wide 0.95m doors. The ceiling height is 2.3m and the corridors are 1.5m wide


On the ground floor we also have 2 large 20m² units and a 10m² unit with direct external access via roller shutter doors. The ceiling height is 3.2m

Select and book your unit

This is our current availability, if you can’t see the size you are looking for please email us.
Are you wondering what you are allowed to use the units for? Please read our Rules
We accept any duration, minimum one month. We ask a security deposit of one months rental when you book that is refunded to you on check out if there is no damage to the unit.
We monitor the temperature of both floors of the building. In the summer, it seldom exceeds 25°c and in the winter, seldom lower than 4°c.
If the temperature falls below freezing, heating will be applied.
Clients provide their own standard sized padlock.
Notice of termination of rental is 14 days and all contracts are for a minimum of one month. (no part month pro rata)
Contents of units are left entirely at the owners risk, please read our Term and Conditions .
The unit dimensions are in meters (length X width X height) and to see a floor plan of the units click here
We recommend two people are present when placing large or heavy items in, or retrieving them from,
the high units. A step ladder is available, it is rated for up to 225kg and if you use it you do so entirely
at your own risk. Likewise, if you climb into the high units you also do so entirely at your own risk.
The prices below include TVA (VAT), apart from security deposits, all payments are non-refundable.
A number of boxes, of different sizes, are freeing up in the next couple of days so please
email us with the size of box you require and the dates that you need it from.

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